Welcome to the TRI website

Yes, after 13 years we have one!

Mission Statement

TRI has no real mission apart from providing music, sounds & lyrics from the other side of the music biz:
The alternative to the alternatives.
And there are no barcodes!
We look & feel ‘old school’ and we are, but we always aim to move forward.

We are small enough to care & to give you one-off recordings if the stock has run out..
We welcome correspondence.
Now go forth…


All CDs are available to buy at £9.00 each inc UK p&p or £11.00 if you are abroad
It’s best to contact us first for availability.

You can preview a track from each album here


If you don’t have a paypal account, payment can be by cheque or postal order. Bank transfers on request.

If any item (other than the 2 deleted albums) is out of stock we can make one especially for you & this will be slightly cheaper!
Check first.

Looking forward to hearing from you….

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