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Curse & Make Up (TRI 12)

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The 3rd album, chock-a-block full of great songs including the classic Cold Calling.
The band lost it’s original bassist, Tomoko Yamashita, & became a 5 piece that sounded like ‘an intensile shock wave of gutter crawling psychedelic tinged grunge jazz punk’.
Well, we liked it!
The band continued after the 5 piece called it a day, & much material went unrecorded in the studio.

Highly recommended album!

1. Part Of The Picture
2. Zurich 5
3. Cold Calling
4. Do You Feel Lucky?
5. Central Line Arsehole Recitation
6. Danzig
7. Zurich 2
8. Yellow Tie
9. Western Mood Swing
10. Thank God For The Vodka
11. Wake Up Leroy!
12. Curse & Make Up (Live)

cover design by Nick Rowan

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