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Posted: October 1, 2013 in Releases
‘Safe As…’ (TRI 18)

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This is the 2nd album. Contains the classics Ross Kemp & Langton Herring Vegetable Competition.

Musically sitting between The Fall &, their aim: The Magic Band, coupled with the incisive wit & perceptive words of Andy Clarke aka Ming The Mong, who continues on to this day.

The band called it a day in 2013.

1. J’Ai Mal Aux Dents
2. Dysfunctional Family
3. Save The Humble Bee
4. GABAA Receptors
5. The One Show
6. I Believe In Nibiru
7. The Langton Herring Vegetable Competition
8. Ross Kemp (Get Out Of The Way)
9. Barking Dog Boogie
10. J’Ai Mal Aux Dents (conc)
11. JAM (remix)

cover design by Nick Rowan

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