Posted: October 1, 2013 in Releases
Simplicity (TRI Ark-1)

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This 2 CD set is a history of probably one of most underground units of the late 1970’s.

It brings together the best of their 5 cassette albums & most of their vinyl release from 1980, ‘Persian Version’- now a collectors item!
The Messthetics people chose one their songs  Noise in My Kitchen, for one of their collections.

Psyched up to the max, it’s a most enjoyable listen, & all the more wonderful because these guys conjured songs out of their minds & recorded them all first take!

Sort of Amon Düül but not!

35 tracks inc. all the tracks from the rare Persian Version vinyl:
Metropolis Radio, Field Hermit, Labbasounds, Place for Us, Wrecked Rectors, Hypocrisy & more!

cover design by Tonal D


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