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Is This the Aqueous? (TRI Ark-2)

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Formed in 1981 from some of the MLR crew, they were also given the Messthetics thumbs up.
Contains the acknowledged psych anthem Never.
Hawkwind & Inner City man Nik Turner appears on 3 tracks. Also guesting is Ashley Wales, later to be in Spring Heeled Jack.
This rocks out in an album full of psych punk songs.

As a bonus to the original cassettte release, there is a live section from their debut concert.

1. Fadies Cry
2. Never
3. Wake Up Take it
4. Overtoyou
5. Changing our Wallpaper
6. Aqueous
7. Thoughts Thinair
8. Hindu, Vishnu, Krishna, Swami
9. Purity’s Distortion
10. Amnesia: Nothing Lasts Forever
+ 8 tracks live at The Whisky a go-go, Soho 10/11/81

cover design by Tonal D


6 of these tracks have been remastered & re-released on the Innerpropriates compilation TRI Ark-4

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