46,000 Fibres

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Releases
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Cyte Pacific (w/Nik Turner, Lol Coxhill & Scanner) (TRI X)


Available as a download only
for the bargain price of £6

This was once a 2 CD set.

Released in 2004, it is the history of this improvising unit who played all manner of events in their first 10 years. The set is chronological & contains rarities & unavailable elsewhere recordings.
There are guest appearances from Lol Coxhill, Nik Turner, Scanner & Fluxus poet John Plant.
Lol Coxhill & Nik Turner are on two edits, Scanner on one. Each have extracts from ‘the Fibres’ 5th Anniversary Concerts CDs, whilst a brace by Coxhill & Turner are not to be found elsewhere…

Fans of AMM & Faust may like this one… 46,000 Fibres were the first band to play at the Kosmische club night.

cover design by Ralph Beckford


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