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Posted: September 1, 2014 in Releases
Signposts (TRI 25)


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This is the follow up to ‘The Extra Traveller’ album from 2011, containing 12 new spoken word pieces. Plus a bonus poem in the middle of the booklet!

The mundane & the metaphysical are dealt with here, as usual: From Womb to Words to Worms sets the scene & ends with Nobody. In between there is a humorous anti UKIP ‘rant’, a piece dedicated to the old ways in Analogue is Holy & a frightening soundscape called Touching Time & a beautiful one in Vibrations.

The human condition is dealt with in Making Up Plans for World Domination & The Four Billion Year Burial. Also the anti consumerist Going Against The Grain/Made It? is a piece about the frustrations of peer group pressure. The piece Elitism For All tells it like it should have been & there is aching melancholia in Some Days Should Last Forever.
There is lots of variation in the mood, with words & music complimenting.

Musically this collection is less reliant on Tonal’s synth as he switches to guitar. Usual musical partner Howard Jacques is on percussion, bamboo flutes & provides synth for some of the pieces. A highlight is the the excellent sax playing of Eugene Bezodis who colours in the spaces with feeling. There is a radical but listenable quality to all his parts. An organic presence pervades.

Overall the musical input is more listener friendly & approachable than Extra Traveller, complimenting the texts better than ever. Tonal reckons it’s amongst his best efforts, ever!

cover design by Ralph Beckford

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