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Thoroughly Revised (TRI Ark-4)

Innerpropriates cover

CD sold out
Available only as a download
for the bargain price of £6

A long time coming but at last a comprehensive revision of Innerpropriates music.
They lasted from 1981 to 1987, & in this time made seven albums which were put out in the heyday of the UK do it yourself scene.
They finally got some sort of recognition being featured in the Messthetics series of CDs that chronicled the era in the new century.

Six tracks from their first album “Is This The Aqueous?” bookend this compilation, two of which, “Changing Our Wallpaper” & “Wake Up, Take It!” feature a guest appearance from Hawkwind legend Nik Turner.
Inbetween are key tracks from the rest of their cassette only releases.
Eighteen tracks, many of which only got a limited exposure at the time.

The emphasis though is not on their songwriting efforts but more on their experimental/improvised pieces. The Slide is a piano only piece that is not for the faint hearted in it’s intensity, as it twists & turns.
The Berlin Gate recalls a krautrock/Ash Ra Tempel vibe
& Crying Out For Somebody is a real power trio workout in a similar vein.

In the download section Santa’s Ride is a 12 minute experiment with an early 303 drum machine & a sitar like guitar that is probably more interesting than a lot of the late 80’s acid house in it’s scope.

The Inners were always searching for new avenues & eventually went back to trying to write ‘classic songs’.

Now remastered, they sound better than ever & there’s a chronological history & some rare photos. The excellent cover has the feel of those ‘old’ cassette releases, though it’s better!

If you like psych punk experimenters with an ear for a cool song then this is for you.

Reg Imes

cover design by Simon Wass



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