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Posted: March 9, 2016 in Releases
Blue Field Entoptic Phenomena (TRI 27)

Blue Field Entoptic Phenomena

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Blue Field Entoptic Phenomena is the first 46,000 Fibres release in over 11 years.
Formed in the mid ’90s ‘the Fibres’ spent 10 years playing improvised music & were a feature of various Kosmische club appearances, being the first to play there.

Recorded after a 10 year lay off from live performances it features main stalwarts Tonal D., on synths & Leon Maurice-Jones on percussives. Plus Justin Paton, from cult band NOW, who was part of the group, returning to play guitar & synth. Howard Jacques rounds off the quartet in his first foray with ‘the Fibres’ on bass, synth & various exotic instruments. He has sinced joined the Band of Holy Joy on bass guitar.

This nine track collection was edited down from a continous two hour take! The worry of not playing together for so long soon evaporated, resulting in, probably, their most coherent, well produced & dare we say listenable albums to date. Like a cross between Tangerine Dream & Faust, with English psych influences, fans of those musics should inner-vestigate.

A video for the track Neutral can be found here

cover design by Leon Maurice-Jones


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