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Posted: March 9, 2016 in Releases
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Mantras For Your Dream Machine (TRI Ark-5)


Available only as a download
for the bargain price of £4

Only available in limited editions, as a casette in ’93 & CD in ’95, Mantras for your Dream Machine is now more available in this digital age.
Released under the title of A Tonal Mantra, this current title was the original title chosen.

A review from the esteemed Music From The Empty Quarter, edition #9, in 1994, gives the description to this change:

‘…the instrumental pieces here generally consist of rhythmic synthesizer pulses over which repeating electronics or clarinet, trumpet & horn lines play to hypnotic effect – true electro mantras. Echoing abstract percussion is evident on the less direct, more floating pieces providing the ideal counterpoint to the forward pieces…
The mode is often reminiscent of Eastern music.
A few of the tracks differ, the crystalline Underworld, for example, these merely heightening the overall impact…
A Multifarious collection. Ideal for attentive, late night listening (with your dream machine perhaps?)’.

Gavin Mitchell, from Identical & the Amal Gamal Ensemble guests on trumpet plus there is a bonus interpretation mix by the ubiquitous Scanner.
Tonal soon after this album was recorded went on to get 46,000 Fibres together.
You can do no wrong but look into dream machines & inner-vestigate!

cover design by Ralph Beckford


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