46000 Fibres

Posted: June 16, 2018 in Releases
Warp & Weft (TRI 30)

Available only as a download

In April 2017 ‘the Fibres’ gathered together for a new studio recording. Regulars, Tonal, Leon & Justin were joined by ex member Nigel Melia. (Howard Jacques having moved on to pastures new). They improvised for nearly 2 and a half hours non stop!

Known for their quality control, the session was edited down to an 80+ minute epic. All the Fibres’ trademarks are here but better than ever. The title track Warp & Weft just has to be one of their best motorik type dance grooves, ever. There’s the usual ‘space out’ epics in Swaddlings & The Best Kept Secret as well. Whist the epic Stitching/Colours (Double sided) has many changes of direction. Nine tracks that will stretch your mind & imagination for sure.

There are also a number of videos from Powerfully Explicit Productions to accompany this release. These feature alternative mixes & really sum up the ‘Fibres’ in the optical area. A real treat. More videos may emerge in the coming months. These can be found here.

The road to fruition was a bit hazardous to reach these conclusions but we feel it well worth your time to Warp & Weft your mind’s ear & eye with this one! As ‘Big’ Reg Imes says : Go forth & inner vestigate! Plus as it’s the 25th year of 46,000 Fibres, this album is offered at a special price…

artwork by PEP


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