46,000 Fibres are an improvising, experimental unit, whose aim is to produce original music.

Formed in 1994, the following ten years saw us produce as many albums & saw collaborations with top instrumentalists, in the electro-acoustic field.                                                                                                   
We have also played in differing venues from art happenings, record shops to public houses.

In 2014, after a ten year break we reformed & are again meeting with critical acclaim for our performances & work.
We are open to any collaborative ventures from live playing to film soundtracks….

46,000 Fibres – ‘One of the best kept secrets in music.’ (Paul Drummond)

46,000 Fibres evolved out of a group called Koven-oe, in 1993, which included Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner. When he left the remaining trio of Richard Clarke, Tonal D(avidson) & Leon Maurice -Jones decided to switch from structured material to explore electro-acoustic free improvisation. The first line up was completed by Eddie Green, Nick Rowan & Tony Stone.
The name came from Tonal reading Harry Partch’s book The Genesis of Music, where he found out there was 23,000 nerve endings/fibres in the inner ear which sent the electrical impulses of sound to the brain. Hence organic stereo!
The idea was not to arrange or talk about the music but to rely on the musical telepathy between them, without resorting to cliches, to create ‘something unique’. The end results during this time ranged from ethereal delicacy to hard industrial, space rock, gamelan stylings, radical jazz, dark funk & their forte of sonic soundscapes. This they did in the studio & live. The audience & venues had a part in the end results, as ‘the Fibres’ reacted to everything. Audience reactions ran the gamut from ‘that was  some of the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard’ to ‘this isn’t music’! They played all manner of art events & even bravely played in some rough public houses.
Their first album was to provide a soundtrack to Dirk de Klerke’s translation of Friedrich Holderlin’s story Hyperion into an invented language. Then came Emanates, recorded live in a studio then a succession of live albums with ‘the Fibres’ really coming into their own element. The third album saw an appearance by soprano sax maestro Lol Coxhill, who expressed a desire to play at any gig they had. He had to remain a guest player as the band really wanted to establish their own unique identity. He played eleven times with them all told.
In 1997 ‘the Fibres’ were invited to play at the opening night of the Kosmische club, which was dedicated to all things krautrock. The organisers said that 46,000 Fibres reminded them of ‘pre industrial Faust’. A label they rejected but as concerts were difficult to come by they agreed to play & were invited back on three further occasions.
In 1999 they put out three live albums as part of their fifth anniversary together. Later that year Dyscfunctional released a vinyl only album: Reconstructed. The band & guests sampled moments from their improvisations to create an album for the contemporary dance/club scene, to the usual differing opinions. Then was a bit of a gap in their output as they underwent  major personnel changes & in 2002 released their only highly structured recording Concatenations, which was very cinematic: soundtracks for films not yet made.
Another personnel change saw them, a year later put out The Freedom Offensive. This is very free jazz noise/skronk of an album.
2004 saw the release of Cyte Pacific, a two CD set which collected up their history up to that date. There are many moments of magic on this set. Now only available in download form. 

In 2014 Tonal & Leon decided to reactivate ‘the Fibres’ bringing  from the last line up Justin Paton, of the band now & new participant Howard Jacques. Recordings of several concerts by the current phase of the group are available for download.

In early 2017 Howard Jacques left with Nigel Melia from a previous line up returning on synth.
In 2018 a new album Warp & Weft was completed, with a number of accompanying videos from PEP to tie in.

Core members from the beginning have been Tonal D. (synths) & Leon Maurice- Jones (Percussion). Nick Rowan on red guitar stayed until 2003. Eddie Green, who played prepared guitar passed away in 1995. He added greatly to their early aesthetic. Other members have included Richard Clarke (alto sax), Tony Stone (samples, tapes), Simon Bernal ( double bass, synth), Hoof & Maibo, (JP800, 303 & sampler), A-Soma (bass), Blaise Algar (trumpet), Zandy Lekau (alto sax), Karl Walinets (bass) & from 2014 to 2017 in the reformed unit Howard Jacques (keyboards & wind instruments).
They have collaborated with Scanner, Lol Coxhill, Nik Turner, John Plant, tuba player Oren Marshall, Ashley Wales from Spring Heeled Jack & Blurt’s sax player/ vocalist Ted Milton, who was supposed to be the third sax player in the 5th Anniversary set of concerts.

There are really no limits to 46,000 Fibres!
Album releases:-

The first release was on cassette entitled 46,000 Fibres, that was limited to 46 copies and was sold at early concerts from April 1994. It was then deleted. On two tracks Dirk de Klerk’s original narration is removed.

In 1997 it was re-titled Hyperion, given new artwork & was limited to just 9 CD copies. Dirk’s narration was reinstated for this now available version.

Emanates (1995)

Diaphanous (1996)

5th Anniversary Concerts with Scanner, Lol Coxhill, Nik Turner (1999)

Reconstructed (1999) Only released on vinyl.

Concatenations (2002)

The Freedom Offensive (2003)

Cyte Pacific (2004)

Concert 24: Sets 1 & 3 with Lol Coxhill & Nik Turner (2013)

Blue Field Entoptic Phenomena (2016)

Warp & Weft (2018)

Other notable releases include:-

‘last 13.58’ (on The Red Rose Concerts 1995. Various artists cassette) A new edit of this was retitled Phonetics & can now be found on the Cyte Pacific album.

Asymptote on the original limited edition promo CD for the Elitism For All compilation of various artists (1997)
This track is to be found as part of the Reconstructed vinyl album.

Verticality Of Water on the Elitism for All 10″ vinyl e.p. on Dyscfunctional (1999)
This track is on the Cyte Pacific album.

The Public Domain (on Kosmische 6/97-7/97. Various artists comp. cassette)
Originally edit was 12 minutes long it was further edited to 2 minutes long & to be found on the Cyte Pacific album.

Dreamare (on Dreams & Nightmares various artists CD released by Frammenti).(Italy 1999)
Full version can be found on the Cyte Pacific album.

a shared 7″ with Nik Turner’s Fantastic All Stars, a version of Sun Ra’s ‘Outer Spaceways Incorporated’. Earworm (2001)

46,000 Fibres donated the track w/ Nik Turner (mistitled as ‘Jam’) to the Guinea Pig (CD1) various artists compilation. It was presented to the first 50 guests at the inaugural meeting of the guinea pig club on 16 February 2003. This track is to be found on the Cyte Pacific album.

Untangle on Tonal’s, now deleted, The First 50 Years CD set (11/09). The track is now available here

and a track on the Temple Of Sol compilation from Pale Noir (2015), along with a track from Innerpropriates.

Live performances from 2014, 2016 & 2017 are available for free on the Beauty & Disgust label.

and an excerpt from Lovetime is included on the Two Years Of Beauty & Disgust sampler.

If you want any more info regarding who else was on the various compilations, please contact us.


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