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The First 50 Years (TRI Ark-3)

tonal 50 DVD Wrap

This does what it says on the tin…

The original 25 copies are gone & now this item is deleted.

74 tracks by – Egypt, Drug Squad, Peter Targett, MLR, Crazy About Love, Innapropriates, Innerpropriates, Fast Flowers, Psychic Matches, The Board, Art Baby Goes To Volgagrad, Thee Outcaste, Tonal D, Hairy McHairy, Chud, Wayward Sunns, Goshpurt RSJ, Koven-oe, Digital Satan, Survivors Of The Waco Furnace, The Barretts, John Plant, Simon Wickham-Smith, The Anniversary, Diary, Underground (K)No(w) One, Milk Roar, 46000 Fibres, Doghead, The Highjackers, Gag & Pink FA.

cover design by Tonal D


(TRI 16)

Layout 1

Probably one of the most schizophrenic albums ever, well, in our catalogue!
In 1993 the Goshpurts improvise 33 songs of ‘thrash punk agit prop’ in 45 minutes, with on the spot lyrics.
The recording is then forgotten about til 2008.
Then…a time travelling thespian, from the 17th century, arrives in a recording studio to translate/decipher the lyrics!
The results has to be heard to be believed….

Out there & in there!

cover design by Ralph Beckford

only 1 copy left
when that has gone, it will be deleted forever

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