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Lanternes Rouges

Posted: November 13, 2013 in Releases
Nature Wins… Everytime! (TRI 23)


Available as a download only (for now)….?

This six track mini album is from an obscure French/Dutch band living in Luxembourg, vocalising in near perfect English.
& how TRI wish they were!

Lanternes Rouges translates into English as Red Lanterns. The lanterne rouge being the last placed cyclist in the Tour de France. This term inspired a key song on the album about the ‘darker side’ of championship cycling : Mr. Cycle/Mindweak.

The collection starts with a space chant : Multicoloured Lanterns & ends on a similar theme, with the atmospheric Aurora.

Another highlight is a reworking of the Innerpropriates classic psych anthem, from the ’80’s : Never (Again). A gem!

The space theme crops up again with UDFy38135539 with guest vocals from Andy Clarke, late of Milk Roar. This is the song the Lanternes liked so much they recorded it to save it from obscurity.

The eternal theme of the human condition is summarised in the song The Most Right You Can Be. This hard rockin’ track has an insistent Killing Joke type groove.

Just who is a Lanterne Rouge will hopefully be revealed with U.K. dates in 2014.
They are thinking of moving to a Belgian farmhouse in preparation for their tour.

artwork by PEP