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Concert 24 – Sets 1 & 3 (TRI 22)


This officially sanctioned release is a live recording from late 1998.
Released as a memorial CD to Lol, who passed away last year.
Set 1 starts with Lol & ‘the Fibres’ then towards the end, Hawkwind legend Nik Turner arrives to add his improvised sax. This was Nik’s first experience of total free playing, he has since said.
Set 3 sees them all pile in for a great blowing & riffing experience & is quite intense…
46,000 Fibres are best described as somewhere between AMM & Faust, with their own distinctive take.

A special release for a more than special musician that is Lol Coxhill.

cover design by Ralph Beckford

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46,000 Fibres

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Releases
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Cyte Pacific (w/Nik Turner, Lol Coxhill & Scanner) (TRI X)


Available as a download only
for the bargain price of £6

This was once a 2 CD set.

Released in 2004, it is the history of this improvising unit who played all manner of events in their first 10 years. The set is chronological & contains rarities & unavailable elsewhere recordings.
There are guest appearances from Lol Coxhill, Nik Turner, Scanner & Fluxus poet John Plant.
Lol Coxhill & Nik Turner are on two edits, Scanner on one. Each have extracts from ‘the Fibres’ 5th Anniversary Concerts CDs, whilst a brace by Coxhill & Turner are not to be found elsewhere…

Fans of AMM & Faust may like this one… 46,000 Fibres were the first band to play at the Kosmische club night.

cover design by Ralph Beckford


46,000 Fibres w/Lol Coxhill

Posted: September 30, 2013 in Releases
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The 5th Anniversary Concerts (TRI 1/2)


This live concert features soprano saxophone master Lol Coxhill in an almost sonic, industrial sounding 48 minute set, recorded Upstairs at The Garage in March 1999.
Lol played eleven times with ‘the Fibres’, so they must have been doing something right!

This is a 48 minute set + arkive track

cover design by Paul Drummond

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