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From A to B / This to That (TRI Ark-6)


Available only as a download
for the bargain price of £2

Originally put out on cassette in 1995, when they were ‘out of fashion’, this release only reached the promotional stage.
21 years later in the digital download age it is worthy of rediscovery.

Tonal was really into his electronic phase having formed Koven-oe, which included Scanner & getting 46,000 Fibres together as a result of Scanner’s departure.
Simon Wickham-Smith had released a few albums & singles on the Forced Exposure & other independent labels, mainly with main collaborator Richard Youngs, before they met via a mutual friend. Simon’s many activities are to be found on Wikipedia.

Early promo cassettes were sent out to various music publications & one which describes it best was written for EST in it’s summer 1996 edition by Brian Duguid :
‘Think of the most German cosmic music that you can, & then double it, as both boys battle it out on their synths on From A to B. So: Andromedan bubbling, microwave drones, insectoid squittering. But also: rapacious white noise, quantum effect harmonies, anti-matter confusion. If the sound quality leaves a little to be desired, it actually adds to the occasionally discordant intensity. On This to That things are less raucous, concentrating on initially on the drones & harmonies, although shuddering with distortion. Top stuff.’

We feel it’s quite an aural experience as well! One for the hardest of hardcore electronics fans out there!
As Big Reg says ‘Inner vestigate for something special.’

Download only. ( We will do one of CDr for you, if you want but contact us first).

artwork by PEP