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The First 50 Years (TRI Ark-3)

tonal 50 DVD Wrap

This does what it says on the tin…

The original 25 copies are gone & now this item is deleted.

74 tracks by – Egypt, Drug Squad, Peter Targett, MLR, Crazy About Love, Innapropriates, Innerpropriates, Fast Flowers, Psychic Matches, The Board, Art Baby Goes To Volgagrad, Thee Outcaste, Tonal D, Hairy McHairy, Chud, Wayward Sunns, Goshpurt RSJ, Koven-oe, Digital Satan, Survivors Of The Waco Furnace, The Barretts, John Plant, Simon Wickham-Smith, The Anniversary, Diary, Underground (K)No(w) One, Milk Roar, 46000 Fibres, Doghead, The Highjackers, Gag & Pink FA.

cover design by Tonal D


Underground (K)no(w) One

Posted: October 1, 2013 in Releases
Net The Serf (TRI 8)


This is a 15 track action packed collection from Mr. No One.
Sounding, in places, like an off kilter Syd Barrett & a refugee from a Ladbroke Grove band in the ’70’s, he deals with contemporary & temporary themes. With his finger on the pulse, this album is worthy of anyone’s attention…

1. Rap With Reg
2. Year 00
3. Entering The 21st Century
4. Gulf Crisis
5. Arts Rats Star
6. Mad Pride
7. Telepathic Radiance
8. British Black & White Film / The Eleventh Commandment
9. The Man With A Lot Of Nothing
10. She Is Beyond Good & Evil
11. The Sun Burnt My Face
12. Lexicon Fly
13. All I’ve Got To Do…
14. The Environmental Rap(e)
15. Road To Salvation

cover design by Ralph Beckford

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